Sunday, December 16, 2012

The perfect faux leather boots!

It gets hard to shop for boots when you’re a vegetarian and a college student. All the boots are either made of leather or are ridiculously expensive! Is it too much to ask for someone to design cute inexpensive vegan friendly boots?! Every pair I found that I liked were over $100 and of course, made with leather! I was not going to give up on finding my perfect pair of boots, so I searched everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Finally I found a pair of adorable brown combat boots from Journey's. I have never even been inside Journey’s and I always thought it was just a skateboarding shop, but boy was I wrong. Here are the boots I bought…adorable right??

Madden Girl Trixie Boot in Cognac

These $54 boots were a little pricier than I would normally pay for shoes (hey, I’m a college student!) but I wear them all the time! They are super comfortable, go with practically everything, and they’re vegan friendly! You can buy them online at or at your local Journey’s store. Good luck shopping!

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