Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornament

This DIY Christmas Ornament is super easy and you only need three things to make it!

Clear plastic ornament (I got mine from Michael’s for $1!)
Spray paint (any color you want!)

STEP 1: Place the stickers where you want on your ornament. You can use any type of stickers you’d like! I chose to use letter stickers to spell out my last name, Baker, which thankfully is only five letters because it just barelllyyyy fit. 

STEP 2: Put newspaper down on your driveway/sidewalk so you don’t make a mess. If you don’t have newspaper you can get creative like I did and use your college essays instead. No worries, it was the last day of the semester!

STEP 3: Spray paint the crap out of it! Since it’s an ornament it’s going to roll around…lucky for you I’m a genius and figured out a way to paint it so this didn’t happen. Take off the little silver claspy thing on the ornament (does anybody know what that’s called??) and put something inside that you can hold it up with. At this time I wasn’t much of a genius and I used my finger and got spray paint all over my hand. But now that I’m smarter I know to use something like a stick next time.

STEP 4: Peel off the stickers! If there are any places where the spray paint got underneath the stickers, use a toothpick to gently scrape it off…and you’re done!!! I told you it would be easy :)

Now go hang your new ornament on the tree and enjoy!!


  1. do you let it dry before u remove the stickers....

  2. super fun! since your finger worked to hold it, next time use latex gloves or even dish washing gloves.

  3. I also think it looks good without removing the stickers, maybe paint the letters a different colour!

  4. How tall are your letters? Thanks for the info. I'm about to order them online, but I like the size of yours.

  5. Really cute idea. I'd have to use smaller letters!